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Harley Davidson Bullet Embellished Vest

Vest is embellished with a total of 87 Bullets.  223, 243, 30/30, 17 Hornet, and FN57 Bullets adorn the front and back of the leather vest.  Each bullet is assembled and stiched by hand.  

Custom Bullet Embelished Clothing

Vintage Denim Bullet Embellished Jacket

Jacket is Embllished with 196 FN57 Bullet Casings.  

Each Bullet was stiched by hand.  

Custom Clothing is Special Order Only.

All custom items are done in colaboration with the designer Moises V,   Customers may provide items to be embelished or can work with artist on the concept from scratch.  Please contact The Bullet Studio for more information.  

(702) 706-2191
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